Top 5 professional photography courses

We all know that photography is not as simple as just having a camera to shoot people, things or scenes. One needs good equipment, techniques and the skill to become a professional photographer. There are many institutions in the world which have been providing quality courses for a long time. As an aspiring photographer, attending professional photography courses is always beneficial. The courses are available both online and offline. Here are the top 5 professional photography institutions that offer great courses:

Parsons the new school for design, USA:

Parsons, the new school for design, is a private institute which started off as an institute for art and design in 1896. In the later years, they introduced a course on photography. The course is for four years and is one of the best in the world. They train students to develop new ideas, themes, gain the visual, professional and technical skills for their career. Students can use any form of media -video, collage, photography, 3D, digital images in their course.

Vevey School of Photography, Switzerland:

Vevey School of Photography in Switzerland is another institute which provides one of the best professional photography courses since its establishment. It is known for its comprehensive course in both electronic and the print media. The courses not only focus on skills and techniques of photography but also on customer advice and sales. Another instrumental reason why the institute is considered one of the best is that of the Vevey International Photography Award.

New York Institute of Photography, USA:

The New York Institute of Photography in the USA is one of the best institutes for online courses. Online courses are more accessible to the public since anyone who has the internet can apply for the courses. The institute offers nine courses which you can take up at your own comfort of time. The following are the courses they offer:

  • Fundamentals of Digital Photography.
  • Complete Course in Professional Photography
  • Complete Course in Video Making & Storytelling
  • Photoshop for Photographers
  • Marketing for Photographers
  • Wedding Photography Course
  • Portrait Photography Course
  • Travel Photography Course
  • Photojournalism Course

The Royal College of Art, UK:

Established in 1837, the Royal College of Art in London is the only institute which offers their postgraduate students Master of Philosophy, Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy. Various modern and sophisticated modes of teaching are implemented. The department of photography at the Royal College of Art has the state of art equipment and a group of talented staff whom people from all around the world come for.

Speos Photographic Institute, France:

The Speos Photographic Institute in France was established in 1985. Among the best institutes for photography, this institute is relatively new, yet it has come up to be one of the best in the world. Even though the institute is in France, the course is available in English hence it attracts many aspiring professional photographers from all over the world. Enrolling for the course would give students skills in photojournalism, photography and fine art photography.


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