Top 5 camera essentials that every photographer needs

Having a DSLR is the most important thing for professional photography. But if we look at the other aspects of capturing the perfect shot, you need much more than just a DSLR camera. It doesn’t matter if you are using a very expensive Camera or entry level Budget DSLR, you need to have some essential gears which will enhance your photography experience and will come handy in your photography journey.

So here are top 5 camera gears that every Photographer needs.

  1. White-Balancing Tools – White Balancing Tools is one of the most useful camera gear when it comes to set the white balance. Most of the DSLR has the Auto White Balance feature which does the job for you but not quite exactly. So you need a White Balance tool to customise white balance on the spot. I recommend the Impact’s QuickBalance Collapsible 12th Gray Panel which has 18% Gray on the one side and neutral white on the other. Sometimes your surroundings can be a little too cool or warm for your photography. So you can use the WB Gray Panel which can be placed in the same lighting as your subject and you can set your WB right away.
  1. Memory-Card Wallets – Having a memory card wallets is a must if you take lots of high-resolution pictures. You can easily pop in another memory card from your memory card wallet as soon as the other card gets filled up. It doesn’t take much space in your bag and can also fit in your pockets. Most of the Card wallets have a slot for multiple SD memory cards and Micro SD. Also, this will help you to avoid losing memory cards.
  1. Cleaning Kits – Cleaning your camera lens using your shirt or any type of cotton will damage your lens. You need to have a special cleaning kit for your DSLR and its lenses. Using cleaning kits will safely clean your equipment. All the photographers have the finger prints and dirt on their lens, so a clean microfiber cloth will do a job to remove those unwanted particles from your camera lens.  Zeiss Moist Cleaning wipes do have various tools for cleaning your gears, and it comes inexpensively.
  1. Camera Bag – Having all the gears for Camera but if you don’t have the Camera Bag, you won’t be able to carry those extra camera gear with you. So a nice and comfortable camera gear will come handy in this situation. When buying a camera gear, make sure it has enough room for all your camera gear and the most important, is it comfortable. You don’t want to carry those heavy gears all day in an uncomfortable bag.
  1. Tripod – Although most of the professional photographers don’t use a tripod on a regular basis it comes handy in some circumstances. If you are taking long exposure shots or doing a hyper-lapse, then you will need a Tripod.

So these were the top 5 Camera gears that every photographer needs. So what do you think what camera gear is the most important?

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