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Good day my dear readers! At the request of some of my regular readers, I prepared an article on how to use the built-in camera in a mobile phone to get excellent photos. It becomes more and more difficult to find a phone without a camera on sale. A mobile device equipped with a built-in camera is very popular among consumers. This is a convenient option 2 in 1.

Of course, this type of camera is primitive and in many respects inferior in quality to the usual one. But making successful shots with the help of a mobile phone is quite possible, and for achievement of this purpose it is necessary to consider only some rules.

Think about the light

ambient lighting

First, it is necessary to pay special attention to ambient lighting. This is perhaps the most important factor that can improve or degrade the image. When taking photographs, the subject should be as bright as possible. It should be noted that different light sources can affect the image in different ways.

If you must take pictures in places of low illumination, you can use the built-in flash, which to some extent improves the picture quality. Of course, it’s best to shoot outdoors in daylight, but there are many things to consider. For example, the rays of the sun should not fall into the camera lens, for this purpose it is necessary to arrange so that the sun was in front of the object being photographed.

Even more factors

distance taking photos

The distance to the subject should be minimal. Shooting from a long distance is one of the common mistakes, which is virtually impossible to correct, even with the subsequent editing of the photo.

When photographing a camera in a mobile phone in the same way as in the case of a conventional camera, it is very important to avoid its shudder, which can damage the frame. To do this, the hand should not be relaxed when pressing the shutter button.

If you place your hand when shooting on the support, this will greatly simplify the shooting process. It is all about learning how to be patient. I used online casino games to learn that, and it worked out great, as you must wait for the right moment in many games. You can also try to play free pokies here to get started. It is an easy way to start upgrading your photos through different ways.

Also, it should be considered that in some cameras the shutter does not work immediately, therefore, pressing the button, it is necessary to wait a few seconds until the mechanism is completely shut down.Using digital zoom may affect the image quality not very well. If the shooting conditions permit, it is better to do without it.

Use all possibilities

edit photo phone

Some phones have very convenient programs for editing images. Do not neglect them, as they are able to significantly change and improve the photo, whether adjusting the contrast or color scheme.Very often the picture on the phone screen looks unsuccessful, because of which it is simply deleted from memory. But it also happens that on the PC monitor the frame looks much better.

This is since the screen resolution of the phone and PC monitor have a big difference, therefore, and the photos will look different. Therefore, you should not rush to delete unsuccessful shots, as they may very well turn out to be very successful.

Some finishing touches

clean lense

An important factor is also the purity of optics. As you know, a mobile phone is in its hands when used, so it is very difficult to avoid fingerprints on the lens. In order not to spoil your future shot, before shooting, you should wipe the camera lens with a soft cloth.

When shooting, always pay attention to the resolution of the image, it is best to use the highest. The photo will be clearer and more accurate. But it is worth considering, the higher the resolution of the frame, the more space is required on the memory card for its storage.

Better than before

Considering all the above tips, you can easily not only get great pictures, but without any problems you can print a very good quality photo. Even if you do not have a photo printer at your fingertips, now there are excellent online services that will help you get the desired result.

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