How to Spot a Real Photographer?

I might be repeating myself but in this digital era we live in, everyone can become “photographers”. If you see someone with expensive photography equipment and a Facebook page “Name Surname Photography”, don’t rush just yet to write them to take your bachelor or bachelorette’s party pictures. He/she might be as good of a photographer as you with your iPhone.

So, in case you want to have artistic and quality pictures for your wedding, party or any occasion, you should be pretty careful choosing a photographer. What to pay attention at to spot good ones? I am about to tell you.

The way they conduct themselves

Real photographers won’t be carrying their camera around to brag about how expensive it was. And their photography pages will not be liked on Facebook by their friends only.

A person who is truly passionate about photography might skip a party you invited them to because next day’s weather forecast seems to be perfect to wake up at 3:30 AM and go take a photo of lake covered in fog during the sunrise.


Moreover, real photographer might be lying on a dirty ground or standing tiptoeing on a chair to find a right angle for the picture even if it makes them look like an idiot. While a wannabe would be standing still, maybe even sitting, or doing it from the positions he/she feels comfortable from. This kind of person you might catch in the end of the hall playing phone casino games while newlyweds’ first dance is going on. That’s quite a hint the person is not that much of a photographer, huh?

The photography they are passionate about

Quality pictures are more important to them than money. He/she might refuse huge amount of cash to take your wedding pictures because they find photographing people boring. And they might volunteer to do it for free if portraits, parties, and people photography are their cup of tea. Don’t judge their choices. We all have preferences.

You should be aware if the person accepts your offer to immortalize your celebration even though he/she has nothing similar to show in their portfolio. It might be their first time doing this type of photography or they might not care about this type much and only take up your offer for money. Anything done only for money and zero passion cannot be as half as good as something done with devotion and excitement.

The programs they use after

Let’s be honest now. Taking photos is only one part of photography. What comes after, might be even more effort requiring job: choosing the right ones from the bunch and editing them.


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Don’t be naïve and ask your candidate photographer what programs he/she is using for this step. If he/she says none, it’s either a lie or a person really doesn’t give a sh** about what he/she takes the second after the act is done.

“Photoshop” might be an okay answer if you need a couple of pictures and the person doesn’t specialize in bigger amounts at a time. But if it’s a big celebration and you hope to have at least a hundred, hope and look for someone using “Adobe Lightroom” or similar programs.

That’s it for now, I hope you found this helpful. More tips on photography and photographers to come, so stay tuned.


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