Why Photography is like Cocaine

If you would be watching professional photographers, just like they wait for the perfect sunrise shot, you could think it’s an angry bunch of people. We are not.

But what we do professionally now seems to be devalued by a camera on every phone. No one else has to experience this. Well, maybe professional singers but it is not the same because most of the people are ashamed of their voice. Only a small percentage of people who are not professional singers actually dare to sing in public.

So, photography being quite unique is like no other hobby. In fact, it’s more like drugs. Here’s why.

It will cost you

It’s expensive. Not always. if you don’t get the ‘bug’, you may get away with $500 or $1,000.

But if you do end up catching the photography virus, get ready to spend a lot of money. Like drugs! Although, with photography you at least get something to show for and, make some money back. but non-professionally photography will drain your bank account.


I like to call it hangover, however it doesn’t mean you feel it the next day. It’s just, when you have an unlimited amount of pictures you can take, you snap all day long. It is simply the moment when you are reviewing your pictures, transferring them to your computer or external HDD or searching for one particular picture, you notice how many bad photos you took.

Even professionals take bad pictures but it is different. We know what we wanted to do and see what came out wrong. When you look at pictures you took just for the sake of taking, usually even the ‘good ones’ are only slightly better than the bad ones.


Photographers are not crazy people. You do not drive 300 miles (or 3000), spend half of the day in the water pretending to be an inanimate object in order to blend in just for the sake of it. You do that because you feel ecstatic when all goes well.

I haven’t actually tried cocaine but one would imagine someone does it because it feels good. Of course, there is also that pull that draws you to the same feeling. Like receiving a top casino bonus, winning a race or bungee jumping. Also, photography. Making that one National Geographic-level picture fills you with happiness and honor.

And, unlike drugs, it makes the cost, the effort, all of it worthwhile.


Hopefully, the article did not come out arrogant. It was not my intention, nor am I arrogant in my life or profession. But I just cannot help myself when I see friends and strangers snap with heir camera, slap on a dreamy filter and call it a photograph.

Of course, everyone can do whatever they want but the point of this article was to show the good side of actually learning to take great photographs. It’s really worth it.

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