Golden Age for Photography. Or is it?

Gotta love internet

With web development, social media and all things internet booming, you get to see amazing pictures everywhere.

How to attract attention in social media? Use high quality, unique, awesome pictures.

How to make your website better than other ones? Again, apart from all the other development things, use some great photos.

Not even speaking about the personal ones. Most people consider social media/website/blog a channel to brag about their perfect lives and people can always react with “Pics or didn’t happen”.

Visually speaks better than words. That makes photography skills valuable and desired. Should be happy if you have talent for photography, right?


Gotta hate technology?..

However, all that glitters is not gold. Another thing brought by technology was competition between its suppliers. And competition is both good and bad when it comes to photography. Yes, you may be able to afford to replace your camera or its parts more frequently to improve quality of your pictures. But so can all the other photographers. You may be excellent at Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom but there are enough YouTube Tutorials to make everyone an expert.

Not even speaking about all the people who think all you need for good pictures is a decent smartphone. Or all the “photographers” who have Facebook pages “*Insert Name Surname* Photography” after taking few shots with a new expensive camera they just got from their parents.


It might sound ironic but it’s true, just think about it. I know some photographers who still rely on learning all they can about live roulette games because freelancing by taking pictures is not always the sufficient amount of income for living. Especially, when even your relatives say they have their weddings covered by smartphone photography…


Not everything is black and white

Don’t change the profession just yet though. Not everything is as good or as bad as it looks from the start. Yes, you need to keep invest in your equipment if you want to matter in a long run. You need to constantly keep improving your skills and you need to make sure you are better than your competition.

Create a website, show off your work in social media in a right way and always be argumentative with people who thinks phone camera is sufficient for high quality pics. Be a good marketer. Compare your pics with nonsense people accept as good and make them understand they need you. And then they will need you.

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